There were a lot of shitty days and still are. But now I am at the point where I know booze doesn’t do any of the good I believed it did. Now, that’s a little blunt, and I’m not trying to directly apply it to your situation, but my point is that if nothing changes, then nothing changes.


Booze and drugs were my medicine. They helped with flash backs, insomnia, anxiety, social awkwardness. For me staying really active is helpful since I reap all the benefits of exercise. New Life House has helped young men stay sober for over 35 years.

Gelukkige Nuchtere| Soberheidskaart| Herstelkaart| Sobere mijlpaal

Many of these problems enter our lives because of our drinking. It is natural to think that by quitting drinking, these problems will finally go away. Eventually, the stable people in our lives move on and are replaced by people just as dysfunctional as us.

Can a sober person date someone who drinks?

The Realities of Sober Dating

For all this, it is not impossible for a drinker and a sober person to date; like any relationship, however, it requires work, patience, communication, and understanding. Ironically, the sober partner may have an advantage.

Yes, feminism sobriety sucks balance me. I believe that being a woman in recovery can be tougher than people realize. Society wants me to be successful, but not too successful. Sexy, but not too sexy.Confident, but coy. I could go on, but I think I’ve made my point. Living in a society where I’m constantly being told that I need to enhance my physical appearance is incredibly damaging to me, someone who already thinks she’s not enough.

The Flop House

Please post only when sober; you’re welcome to read in the meanwhile. When I hang out with my “normie” friends, and they have a couple of beers, loosen up a bit and then head home without doing anything crazy, out of control or self-destructive. I look at them and there’s a part of me that envies their ability to put down a drink, to enjoy alcohol responsibly without having it take over their lives. It makes me feel like I am just an out-of-control person.

Is it rare to not drink?

According to statistics from the National Epidemiological Survey on Alcohol and Related Conditions (NESARC), 30% of American adults don't consume alcohol. Of those that do drink, the median number of drinks per week is three.

I was down to a couple of most days without being drunk. I thought I was pretty functional. So yea, sometimes sobriety sucks. That’s just the nature of existence – there are ups and downs on the rollercoaster.

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